We work with Remote Work Positive Impact  Both

We want to see a thriving world without borders. We have different initiatives to help change to happen! 

Our Projects

No Footprint Events

We have organized many in person events, but when Covid hit we went full on digital events and have done more than 20 ever since.

The future post covid is Hybrid, we will slowly go back to in person events but the streaming layer will always be present as everyone understood the reach potential of that. If you want to organize an online event and don’t know where to start or do not want to worry with tech issues for example, contact us.

No Footprint Consulting

Focused on small existent or up and coming projects we help you with strategic connections.

Our network is extensive thanks to the numerous events we have done within the industry, and our eco-travels. We can help to find the best suppliers and experts. 

No Footprint Nomads

We help you reduce your footprint while traveling the world is the motto of this project.

We are the founders of No Footprint Group and from our 11 years on the road we have been sharing our and other zero waste travellers knowledge onto this project. Partner with us if you want exposure to this crowd or just want to share your experience.